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Reflow soldering process how to handle

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Reflow soldering process how to deal with:
Reflow soldering technology in the field of electronics manufacturing is not strange, we use computer in the various components on the board is welded on the circuit board through this process, the device's internal have a heating circuit, blowing nitrogen gas after heated to a high enough temperature to the circuit board has good components, components on both sides of the solder melts and motherboard bonding. This process has the advantage of easy temperature control, also can avoid oxidation in the process of welding, the manufacturing cost is also easier to control.

Introduction to the reflow soldering process
By melting preassigned to the PCB solder paste on soft soldering material, to implement the welding surface mount components or between pin and PCB solder soft soldering of mechanical and electrical connections.
1, reflow soldering process is introduced
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