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Lead-free reflow furnace temperature curve test specification

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Lead-free reflow furnace temperature curve test specification
Purpose 1.
The provisions of this specification the temperature curve of the test cycle, test methods, etc., through regular, accurate temperature curve, the curve of the test to determine the best parameters finally guaranteeing the best PCB assembly, stable quality, improve production efficiency and product rty.
Definition 2.
2.1 reflow curve
In the use of solder paste process, through the fixed in the PCB surface thermocouple and the data collector test of PCB during reflow soldering furnace temperature and time of visual data collection, according to the curve of the solder paste supplier recommended, through appropriate adjust the temperature setting for different products and the speed of the transport chain by a set of furnace temperature setting parameters of the best.
2.2 the curing curve
In the use of glue or the rubber process, through the fixed to the PCB

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