Features: Have a longer length of the heating zone to ensure higher efficiency on production. The improvement of 15% heat transfer efficiency better meets the more complex requirementsof larger lead-free soldering products. Strengthen the main boom, rails without lateral deformation, to prevent PCB board from been stucked or falling. Full protection of enclosed design in the furnace, the effective protection of nitrogen loss, to make the minimum oxygen content up to the lowest level 150ppm. Nitrogen consumption is controlled in the range 20-22m³/H under the environment of the 300-800ppm concentration of oxygen.


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Shenzhen D1-SMT Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2000,After nearly 20 years of development , it has became a leading manufacturer for SMT electronic equipments, R & D, production equipments, sales and after-sales. The formation of a new pattern of standardization, network, scale, brand management system is providing customers with one-stop service by D1-SMT. Now we have 60 professional workers and engineers.In terms of technological innovation, we took a 30% annual net profit for the cooperation with the national institutions on the development of new technology in the field of SMT and others. D1-SMT has been committed to continuously upgrade the electronics technology to solve the real production requirements from our customers.

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