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Reflow soldering operation procedure

time:2015-04-17  views:546

1, the safety operation rules

1.1 reflow soldering by designated personnel qualified personnel, other personnel shall not operate the machine without authorization.
1.2 this equipment is only used for SMT surface mount component in surface-mount technology of curing and reflow soldering. Any operation shall not be in violation of the above requirements.
1.3 operating or maintenance of the equipment, must want to have 2 2 or more people. Maintenance when one person is responsible for the computer control, a responsible observation system operation.
1.4 operation should be paid attention to in the high voltage power supply parts, mechanical moving parts, high temperature parts, avoid personal injury and equipment accidents.
2, before starting to prepare
2.1 check the axis of rotation and the lubrication of the bearing.
2.2 check whether the transmission chain rotation is normal, ensure that no extrusion, the card phenomenon, chain and sprocket meshing ?

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