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What is the wave soldering, reflow soldering?

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Wave soldering refers to the soft soldering material will melt tin alloy (lead), electric pump or electromagnetic pump flow into the design requirements of solder wave, can be formed by the injection of nitrogen to solder pool, make the PCB with components in advance through the solder wave, components and PCB solder welding end or pin of the mechanical and electrical connection between soft soldering. According to different machine used by the geometric shape of wave, wave soldering system can be divided into many kinds.
Wave soldering process: insert element in the corresponding component hole - precoating flux - preliminary drying (90-1000 - c, 1-1.2 m length) to wave soldering (220-2400 - c), removal of excess plug-in feet - inspection.
Reflow soldering process is melt by preassigned to the PCB solder paste on soft soldering material, surface mount ?

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