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SMT reflow welding machine common faults and processing methods

time:2015-04-17  views:1332

We know that the reflow problems is not terrible, terrible is don't know the solution for solving speed too slow, the purpose of this article is a friend of hope problems can quickly solve the problem Don't delay the production.

Each reflow in use process, will appear some fault, sometimes a small fault all have to wait for the engineer to deal with, the serious influence production efficiency, the following will give you said a common reflow welding machine malfunction and solution, convenient for your reference and process faults in time.

1, reflow soldering failure: when red light, buzzer of nights
Reason: control buzzer time relay doesn't work; The control thermocouple open circuit; SSR damage control section of the main circuit.
Solution: check control buzzer time relay; check

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